Highway Safety

Orion is the world’s leading manufacturer
of road flares, with quality backed by nearly a century of experience and technology.

Marine Safety

Orion offers the industry’s widest selection of marine signaling products. Aerial flares and hand-held flares are just the beginning.

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First in signaling. First in safety.

Welcome to Orion Safety Products! As the world’s leading manufacturer of flares and other emergency signaling devices, you’ve come to the right place for all of your safety needs. Whether you’re a consumer looking to purchase products … a supplier looking to stock the world’s most comprehensive line of safety and signaling products … or just seeking information on how emergency signaling devices save lives… you’ve come to the right place!


Wildfire & Forestry Safety

Orion is the leading supplier of backfire torches in the U.S.A. It’s just one of many signaling and safety products we supply to wildfire and forestry professionals.

Outdoor & Wilderness Safety

Orion signaling and
survival products are a must-have for recreational enthusiasts and outdoor professionals alike.

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